idoc presents idoc PANORAMA

idoc presents idoc PANORAMA
- 01/09/17

We can finally unveil and present the project we been working on.
We proudly present idoc PANORAMA.
Idoc PANORAMA is our new platform which will ensure you and your business partners simple access to your documentation. For example, with idoc PANORAMA you can gather all your information about a product and easily get an overview of its spare parts.
Reduce your support time and optimise your customer service with idoc PANORAMA by granting your customers an overview, simple and flexible access to the correct information, that is needed to maintain and prober handle your products.
idoc PANORAMA search function gives you and your customers the ability to find the correct information simple and quick.
Idoc PANORAMA basic module gives you flexible and simple access to view and show your catalogues and products on all devices. Idoc adds the requested content, customises the interface for your and have the responsibility for managing the user login.
It is possible for you to expand the features of idoc PANORAMA with additional modules.
With the additional modules, you will be able to manage the content, edit the idoc PANORAMA interface and control user access.   

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