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We signed framework agreement with The Danish Defence
- 06/09/17

It is with great pleasure that we continue our cooperation with DALO and continue to assist the Danish Defence with what we are best at. ...

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Meet our new trainee
- 04/09/17

We at idoc want to welcome Bjørn to our team. Bjørn is our new intern and we are looking forward to get some new inputs. We see it as an honour to make the students ready to life after their studies. ...

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idoc presents idoc PANORAMA
- 01/09/17

We can finally unveil and present the project we been working on. We proudly present idoc PANORAMA. Idoc PANORAMA is our new platform which will ensure you and your business partners simple access to your documentation. ...

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FMI industridag 2017
- 25/08/17

We had the pleasure yesterday, to participate in this year’s FMI Industry day. The convention is primarily about development and manufacturing equipment for the Danish Defence. ...

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Heidi’s 5th anniversary
- 03/04/17

Today we celebrate our employee Heidi Maria Thorvaldsen, which has 5 years’ anniversary with idoc. ...

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Get assistance in technical drawing
- 21/02/17

Let our new technical employee assist you in your design work. We expand our team and our competencies. ...

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Meet our trainee
- 02/02/17

It is a pleasure to welcome our trainee Mark in the Engineering Department. ...

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Employee portrait - New employees
- 02/02/17

We are expanding our staff and are pleased to present our two new employees Nien Dong and Morten Ford. ...

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S1000D Seminar
- 13/01/17

Our consultant and expert Victoria Ichizli-Bartels gave a presentation on S1000D and its meaning for technical publications. For more information about the seminar and S1000D click here. ...

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idoc participates in DDAC
- 12/01/17

idoc participates in the Danish Defence & Aerospace Conference 2017 – DDAC which take place the 8th-9th February in Aalborg. ...

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idoc presents idoc PANORAMA
We can finally unveil our new project idoc PANORAMA

idoc PANORAMA is a reference tool with the purpose to ensure you, your business partners and customers simple access for your technical documentation. Combine your product information, manuals and spare parts one place, reduce your support time and optimise your customer service with idoc PANORAMA. 
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