idoc offers task-specific solutions for the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) that meet requirements form the Danish Defence as for availability, functionality and safety. Also, we contribute to additional technological development of the equipment, so that it is prepared to meet future challenges. As a provider of technical services to the Danish Defence, we are, as a company, obliged to meet the NATO's safety regulations. The services we provide to the Danish Defence need to comply with the guidelines concerning execution of services, including specific standards and specifications. idoc specialists possess proven expertise in mechanical engineeringand services within engineering, electrical works and consulting as well as multimediadesign and innovation. We are always up to date with the latest requirements and standards in mechanical engineering.

idoc is a member of FAD, CenSec, NSPA, Interforce and DEFEND Group.


Product development

Our engineers are specialized in creating profitable products for the Danish Defence by developing solution oriented opportunities that meet expectations and specific requirements in reference to production, functionality and safety.


Over the years, idoc has acquired an exceptional expertise in technical documentation. Our employees are experienced and skilled. We provide technical documentation within a wide range of disciplines including a distinctive essential proficiency within mechanical constructions.

FEM calculations

Throughout the years, idoc has performed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of vehicles and other equipment to the Danish Defence with the aim to prepare documentation of design, quality and safety.

CAD - 3D Modelling

idoc provides solutions within 3D modelling of military systems and military equipment for the Danish Defence. 3D modelling can be used in all phases of the project and also directly within 3D visualizations in high photorealistic quality.


idoc provides e-learning courses for the military segment. We prepare training materials that make e-learning exciting and involving thanks to the use of a combination of features such as narration, animations, drawings, films, etc. 


Our employees are trained in the use of S1000D specification. This form for documentation has been demonstrated to considerably improve information management and is commonly used in the Danish Defence.

Electrical design

idoc develops electrical design systems and wiring diagrams for mechanical drawings. Electrical work requires proper electrical counselling because modern electrical work is complex and requires an extensive expertise and knowledge in the field.


If you possess a competence that the Danish Defence requests or perhaps you are about to retire but are not willing to quit working yet, you can become an idoc consultant and work for the Danish Defence.

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