Product development, Quality improvements and industrial design

MAN visualisation

Product development that creates functional industrial products

idoc industrial designers are specialists in product development that offer to design new products in close cooperation with the customer. We prepare clear and concise recommendations through drawings, models and verbal and visual descriptions, based on specific requirements of our customers.
Our experience shows that if the industrial designer is involved in the development of the product from the beginning and the focus is on design, the results of usability and optimization of the costs are best.

Design and development of industrial products

Industrial design can optimize function and value of the products. When idoc designs industrial products, it is realised through collection, analysis and synthesis of the data. Everything is based on customer’s specific production requirements. idoc can function as an extension of customer’s team where we handle the parts of the product development that require special skills. 

‘‘We use idoc’s technical assistance in peak periods when drawing and designing solutions
in stainless steel, including pressurized tanks and equipment. idoc made an employee
available with one day's notice and the price was competitive‘‘.

- Martin Bak, Director Rutek A/S


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