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Outsourcing & freelance assistance

Most companies know their strengths and which activities that give them most value. At idoc we provide assistance for you who want to outsource, or use freelance engineers or freelance technical designers, so you can focus on your core competencies.
We provide assistance in:
  • Engineer outsourcing
  • Technical designers outsourcing
  • Freelance engineers
  • Freelance technical designers
  • Consultant assistance
With outsourcing or freelance assistance, you add additional dynamics from people with other skills and competences. This synergy can raise your company and recurring the benefit of development.

Five good reasons to outsource and use freelance assistance

1. Outsourcing can reduce the company’s susceptibility of contracting fluctuation 
In case of capacity shortage, it is often a choice between investing or getting the job done by external assistance. Outsourcing to idoc can be a solution to handle the contracting fluctuations, so that you can make full use of your internal resources.
2. Outsourcing can reduce your risks
An outsourcing or freelance agreement with idoc can reduce your fixed costs. Fixed costs like employee wages, vacation pay, pension, ATP, maternity fund, insurance, training and recurrent. But also, costs to office space, software, hardware, furniture etc.
3. Outsourcing gives you access to new competencies
The motive for outsourcing is often to reduce fixed costs and keep the business flexible. Idoc is a business partner with development and technical competencies, which have a wide range of skills through experience from customers - With idoc you get expert     assistance that generates value to your existing development team.
4. Outsourcing gives you the opportunities to focus on your core business
let idoc assist you so you can focus on your core competencies. This allows you to create competitive advantages and efficiency improvements.
5. Outsourcing gives you access to a wide range of network
Cooperation with idoc gives you access to a wide range of new suppliers. Idoc have a large network and a department in Poland, which gives access to a wider supplier market.      
Idoc provides qualified freelance engineers or freelance technical consultants when you need it.

When a permanent employee leaves his or her employment, the ability to
use his or her knowhow.


When a consultant completes an assignment, the ability to
use his or her knowhow remains.

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