Technical documentation - Installation, maintenance and operation manuals

Technical documentation


idoc is a group of specialists in preparing technical documentation and is able to produce documentation according to customer’s requirements and needs. idoc will handle all tasks connected to documentation, develop working drawings to be used within manufacturing process and documentation of finished products.

A wide variety of technical manuals and working drawings

Increasing Danish and international requirements concerning product documentation mean that development of high quality documentation is an important part of product development.At idoc we possess the skills to cope with documentation tasks for you,so that the documentation we develop complies with all legal requirements, is high quality and reliable.
We offer following services within technical documentation:
  • Working drawings/ Production basis
  • Installation manuals
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Operation manuals
  • Spare parts catalogues

Working drawings/ Production basisTechnical draw

In relation with development of a new product, idoc can deliver entire production basis. We can help with development of prototypes, assistwith production preparation and work out the necessary drawings. idoccan deliver working drawings accordingly to international drawing standards. The international drawing standard GPS (Geometrical Product Specification) is the best tool to ensurea complete and unique geometric tolerancing of technical working drawings. Working drawings can assure ‘’smooth’’ production as they provide guidelines for production.
The unambiguity is the alpha and omega when it is about passing requirements for the product to the manufacturer. It is the key to proper manufacturing of the product. If you outsource production to a companyin another country, the use of GPS-standards can be of a great value because of their international reach. At idoc we pay attention to signing the documentation with the date, version’s number and quality validate the drawings before they are sentout of the house.

Installation manuals

Installation of individual components or complete installations can be secured in an easy and systematic manner in the installation manual. idoc can help you to build a complete installation manual that is adjusted to your structure and working practices. idoc can also be helpful in preparing installation manuals that comply with various ISO standards.  Contact idoc for more information. Installation manual can be also combined with other manuals for example operation manual, spare parts catalogueetc. which ensures an easy and clear product mounting, whether it is a complete installation or a simple component.

Maintenance manuals

Get several work processes, procedures and materials that maintain a mechanical product assembled in a maintenance manual. It guarantees the user a clear, optimal and quick workflow that is easy to handle because of a simple structure. Illustrations in maintenance manuals are built up into 3D models to create an easy recognisability and update possibilities. Illustrations are easy to browse. A good manual ensures proper maintenance of the product and thus its longer life time and lower operational costs.

Operation manuals

idoc delivers instruction manuals that describe how the end-user shall operate the machine. The task is approached based on the customer’s needs. We can prepare the manual to be in line with an earlier defined layout or we can create a completely new layout and structure.
When the operator's manual is complete, we can integrate it with other technical manuals that are connected to the same product. It may be spare parts catalogue, maintenance manual or training manual. In this way, all information concerning use and maintenanceof the product can be found in one place. It assists an easy and clear mounting process of both individual components and complete installations.

Spare parts catalogues

Do you need a spare parts catalogue for your product in digital version or maybe in printed format?  If so, idoc is the right supplier. We can work out spare parts catalogues, both in PDF and HTML formats. A new spare part catalogues that need tobe built up from scratch are based on component lists, technical drawings and discussions with customer’s engineers. If you already have an existing spare parts catalogue, we offer to maintain it or create a new design.
At idoc we have an extensive experience in creating spare parts catalogues starting from few pages and up to over 1000 pages. It means that the catalogue is updated with the latest drawings and components’ numbers.  Document versions are also recorded.

Interactive spare parts catalogue

To simplify navigation and to make it easier to browse the catalogue, we can make it interactive. We can work out the catalogue according to your requirements and needs, but we will certainly assist you with suggestions as for its composition and structure building.

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