CAD - 3D modelling, design and drawing

CAD 3D modelling visualisation

3D modelling of building projects and structural design

idoc has an extensive experience in creating 3D models for several types of projects. 3D modelling is for example perfect for modelling of architect-designed buildings, large commercial and residential buildings, structural design of bearing elements as well as single components in general. More and more companies use 3D modelling of their projects as it has some obvious advantages:
  • Creates better overview over the product or building
  • Limits the time to be spent on the design
  • Makes it easier to pass the project to others
  • Improves the quality of the final product
  • Shows the product from all viewpoints
  • Creates basis for engineering calculations.
We develop mainly digital 3D models but we can also offer 3D printing of smaller prototypes and components. 
‘‘At Abratek, we cooperate with idoc in the process of preparation of 3D CAD models and
working drawings for our projects. We are very pleased with this cooperation because
idoc offers professional consulting services and is very flexible when it comes to quick
delivery connected to launching of a project. idoc is always available and can deliver
in a short time. We can only recommend idoc as a technical partner when there are
many drawing tasks on the agenda‘‘.

- Regina Thomsen, Process and optimization Abratek A / S

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