idoc specializes in engineering. We are a group of imaginative and competent employees offering flexible solutions, for among others manufacturing companies, and do our best to meet their needs and expectations. We are dedicated to generatevalue forour customers, and we are result oriented and effective, innovative and with a fresh attitude. In cooperation with the customer, we develop solutions that provide the best possible results. We are specialists in our branch, broad-minded, withprofessionaland structural approach to tasks.
idoc offers a wide range of services within mechanical engineering and consulting services for corporate clients, and is able to cooperate with any branch. We help to develop and design new products, concepts or optimize existing ones.Depending on theproject type and its duration, the services may be provided at our office in Aalborg, or at the customers premises, where our employees will work as an integral part of the customers project team. Itwill ensure close cooperation throughout the entireprocess, deep understanding of the project and the opportunity to deliver expertise over a period of time.
We can assist in all phases of the development process, i.e. from the idea stage where we describe the needs, decision basis and budget, through development phase where we make a 3D modelof the product, testing phase where we make FE analysis, resultprocessing in order to be able to detect possible design mistakes in the development phase, until pre-usage phase where we make drawings, start production and CE markthe product.
We offer a working method that is realised in close cooperation with the customer, and where the customer functions as the central part of the process. Cooperation is based on mutual trust and respect, and the process is supported by correspondence andmeetingsto keep the customer updated on the development of their product.
As consultants, we can help you to see the product development from new angles, and assist in understanding of both the bigger picture and smaller details. We can be responsible for the entire project, orfunction only as a part integrated in the customersorganization. 
Product development

idoc industrial designers are specialists in product development that offer to design new products in close cooperation with the customer. We prepare clear and concise recommendations through drawings, models and verbal and visual descriptions, based on specific requirements of our customers.


idoc is a group of specialists in preparing technical documentation and is able to produce documentation according to customer’s requirements and needs. idoc will handle all tasks connected to documentation, develop working drawings to be used within manufacturing process and documentation of finished products.

FEM calculations

Application of the FEM provides an efficient way to optimize the product design and thereby minimize the risk of inappropriate wear and damage. It can be a great benefit to perform FEM on a product early in its development process as it helps to ensure that the finished product is dimensioned correctly and that any design errors are detected at an early stage.

CAD - 3D Modelling

idoc has an extensive experience in creating 3D models for several types of projects. 3D modelling is for example perfect for modelling of architect-designed buildings, large commercial and residential buildings, structural design of bearing elements as well as single components in general.

CE Marking

Do you have a product that requires CE marking? Let idoc instruct you on the process. We possess experience about the process and are ready to assist you to find out which directives apply to your product or if the product complies with safety requirements. idoc can prepare the required technical documentation so that the product can meet all legal requirements.


idoc develops e-learning for both large and small companies. E-learning is the successor to the traditional classroom training. It is a visual and interactive learning method which is a combination of features such as narration, animations, film and text. E-learning offers the students the opportunity to complete a course at their own pace and at convenient time

Electrical design

Design of electrical systems and wiring diagrams for mechanical drawings is a complex task that requires great knowledge on the subject and experience. Competent consultation is crucial when new systems shall be designed or when existing systems shall be verified.

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